Denia Hospital Oncology Department Donation

Cancer Care are very proud to confirm we have been able to collaborate with other charities and provide funding for much appreciated treatment chairs at Denia Hospital Oncology Department.

Please read the article below due to come out in the papers with the support and coverage provided by Jack Troughton. Thank you so much to everyone we are able to help with such fabulous causes.

‘Rolls Royce’ aid for hospital

By Jack Troughton

Patients and medical teams at Denia Hospital are in for a smoother ride thanks to the arrival of four special hydraulic chairs – a €9,200 donation from three charities.

The chairs, which cost €2,300 each, have been placed in the day hospital where patients arrive for treatment for a number of illnesses; including chemotherapy sessions.

Help of Denia and the Marina Alta, Cancer Care Javea, and the Lions Club of Teulada Moraira, agreed to join together and buy the equipment in an ongoing collaboration between the hospital and the community.

At an official reception, the charity volunteers heard that a cheaper ‘Frankenstein’ version of the chairs – manual with concerns for patients and staff – were replaced with top of the range alternatives; Cancer Care purchased two, Help and the Lions one each.

Oncology consultant Dr Joan Gasent thanked the trio for their contribution. “From you all, we take lessons about how much we can do for others.”

He added: “The patients are very happy; their acceptance of these chairs is 100%! Thanks for your dedication and humanity.”

Help president Candy Wright said she had seen ordinary chairs being used causing difficulties for medical teams and patients and offered an upgrade.

“The first chairs that arrived were horrendous; Frankenstein chairs. They were not electric but were a lot less money but quite scary,” she said. “I asked Dr Gasent what we should be looking for – and he said, basically, a Rolls Royce would be nice.”

She said the supplier agreed to accept the return of the unused cheaper models and supply an upgrade – Help approached the two other charities and all agreed to take part in the collaboration.

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