We have developed our own Cancer Care Nursing & Advisory Service.

As part of our aim to provide monies and help where most needed, we have had a vision to provide a nursing team, similar to Macmillan nurses, so that anybody who is suffering from cancer, or is close to the patient, can come to us for help and support.

We now have our own Lead Care Nurse who works with a team to help with communications between patients and local hospitals and with other aspects of care required before, during and after a diagnosis of cancer. We are proud to say that we have a growing list of patients who have now benefited greatly from this service since it started.

It has inspired our long term vision to provide a service which guides as many patients and families as possible through the health system from diagnosis, testing, treatment and follow up care.

What Can We Do For You?

If you or anyone you know has been given a diagnosis of cancer and is struggling with any aspect, then please feel free to contact us.

Email: nursecancercarejavea@gmail.com

Living with and beyond cancer is not just about treatment and clinical issues. Cancer affects us emotionally as well as physically and can also affect families with financial implications. We treat each case as unique.

Sometimes you may have side effects of treatment, and surgery and medication can cause hair loss and other bodily/cosmetic changes.

Our team can consider your needs and help and advise on many aspects. Where we can’t provide the help ourselves, we will guide you to all recommended service providers.

Most of us are qualified in counselling and bereavement services. We work as a team and all conversations are treated in complete confidence. Sometimes it’s just a reassuring voice and help with everyday problems that may occur when someone becomes ill in Spain that makes all the difference.

You may just want to join us for a chat and a cuppa, or you may even want to join our walking group. Nothing too energetic, but a different opportunity to help your wellbeing and gives you the chance to have input into what we do and put your ideas forward, no matter how big or small. We will listen to your needs.

Our nurses and carers have the experience, qualifications and skills.  Contact us and find out what we can do for you, living with and beyond cancer.

Visit our charity centre and shops to discover all we do and to get help, or contact our nursing team on the dedicated number:


Lines are open Monday – Friday 9am until 5pm. If you get no reply, our nurses may be busy and unable to speak, so please leave a message and a contact number and somebody will get back to you.

Meet The Team

Jayne Nuttall Blake

Jayne is a registered nurse in both Spain and the UK. Before moving to Spain she worked as a Nurse Practitioner in the UK and since moving to Spain in 2009 she worked as a Practice Nurse for several years before joining Cancer Care in 2017. She has the skills to be able to assess, organise and coordinate care for people with cancer and cancer related illnesses. She is the Team Leader and has been a forerunner in developing this service. She is a dedicated and extremely caring and hardworking individual. She has developed a much needed and professional rapport with relevant doctors, nurses and other organisations, in particular, working in partnership with the oncology day hospital and the palliative care team. She speaks Spanish.

Carol Hicks

Carol is our Nurse Advisor and is a Practice Nurse. She will cover and support all those services provided by Jayne (as above). Carol has had 37 years of varying experience across many areas of nursing, including the operating department, post-op care, care of the elderly, rehabilitation, assessing patients in emergency situations. She takes great pride in her work, is professional, conscientious and has excellent communication skills. She speaks some Spanish, French, and understands some German.

Janette Galbraith

Janette was a Healthcare Assistant and Trainer and worked at a forensic psychiatric hospital. She is currently attending and representing Cancer Care at Denia Oncology Day Care unit for five sessions a week, talking to patients and their families and explaining our services. Her interaction with patients and all individuals is unique. She has a very friendly and approachable personality and has already proved herself as a much welcome member of our team. She can also provide invaluable help for someone’s care at home and in providing extra help and support beyond the nursing role. Janette speaks fluent Spanish.

Joanne Pegna

Joanne was a volunteer with Macmillan for 3 years and was a volunteer at a hospice for over 6 years. After nursing he parents in their cancer journeys, she attended a number of Macmillan courses and this has helped her enormously in her volunteering work. As well as being a qualified bereavement counsellor, she also became a qualified Walk Leader and started her own walking support group where she found this really benefitted patients, not just physically, but mentally too. She is a great listener and provides a welcome different dimension to our services, as she considers the physical, mental and emotional needs of all our patients.

Anna Cristiano

Anna, from Toronto, Canada, is a trained psychotherapist and a registered member of the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario. Psychotherapy in Ontario is a controlled act, and only those registered with the regulatory colleges are legally permitted to provide psychotherapy. She holds a Hon. B.A. in Global Politics from York University, and a M.A. in counselling psychology from Yorkville University. She had a private practice in mid-town Toronto as well as having worked as a counsellor in professional colleges and medical clinics providing individual and group therapy. Anna has experience working in charities including: the Distress Centre of Toronto, the Rape Crisis Centre, the Elizabeth Frye Society of Toronto, Hospice Toronto, as well as having fun as a soccer and softball coach at her local community centre.