“Lynwen” Cancer Care Nursing Care & Advisory Service.

We have developed our own “Lynwen” Cancer Care Nursing & Advisory Service.

As part of our aim to provide monies and help where most needed, we have had a vision to provide a nursing team, similar to Macmillan nurses, so that anybody who is suffering from cancer, or is close to the patient, can come to us for help and support.

We now have our own Lead Care Nurse who works with a team to help with communications between patients and local hospitals and with other aspects of care required before, during and after a diagnosis of cancer. We are proud to say that we have a growing list of patients who have now benefited greatly from this service since it started.

It has inspired our long term vision to provide a service which guides as many patients and families as possible through the health system from diagnosis, testing, treatment and follow up care.

What Can We Do For You?

Have you or anyone you know been diagnosed with cancer and are struggling to cope?

At Lynwen Nurses – part of the Cancer Care Javea charity, established since 1998 we provide :

Qualified and experienced fully insured Registered Nurses, who meet the requirements of both national registered bodies.

A team who are always ready to listen to your needs and offer confidential help and advice.

All services provided by the Lynwen Team are free of charge – Cancer Care charity is funded by people who donate, fundraise, or give a gift in their Will.

We are :







Our team have the experience, qualifications, and skills to help you – contact us to explore what we can do for you, living with and beyond cancer.

Email: nursecancercarejavea@gmail.com


Website: cancercarejavea.org

Visit our charity centre and shops to discover all we do and to get help, or contact our nursing team on the dedicated number:


Lines are open Monday – Friday 9am until 5pm. If you get no reply, our nurses may be busy and unable to speak, so please leave a message and a contact number and somebody will get back to you.

Meet The Team

Jayne Nuttall Blake

•    Registered Nurse (Spain & United Kingdom)

•    Current role/relevant achievements - Team Leader and forerunner in developing the Lynwen Cancer Care Nursing Care &       Advisory Service. Responsible for identifying client/family needs, providing skilled nursing assessment, and planning supportive care and appropriate services, in accordance with the multi-disciplinary team (doctors, nurses, care workers, counsellors, social workers) plan of care

•    Skills - communicates openly with clients regarding their care and comfort in a manner that empowers them to make personal decisions regarding their treatment plan

•    Goals & aspirations –

•     In line with my professional code of conduct primarily be the patients advocate,

•    Affirm life and help people to accept dying as a normal life process

•    Work with the palliative care team and local doctors and nurses to ensure clients comfort at all times and  to provide the best possible quality of life for patients and their families.

•    Speaks English & Spanish

Janette Galbraith


•    Current role/relevant achievements - Healthcare Assistant, representing Cancer Care Lynwen Nurses at Denia Oncology Day Care Unit. Provides individualized personal care, comfort and emotional support to clients and their families at home

•    Skills - compassionate, friendly, and approachable

•    Goals & aspirations - to make people's experience with cancer a little easier by giving them support. I just want to make a difference and I'm so proud of being part of the fantastic Cancer Care team.

•    Speaks English & fluent Spanish

Anna Cristiano

•    Current role- Counsellor

•    Skills - demonstrates compassionate communication with clients and their families, providing emotional support

•    Goals & aspirations –

•    Helping enhance the client’s effectiveness and their ability to cope.

•    Helping promote the decision-making process while facilitating client potential.

•    Speaks English

Ameli Gomez

•    Current role/relevant achievements - English & Spanish teacher/interpreter. Assists with the co-ordination of patient’s activities such as medical appointments. Serves as the liaison between clients, their families, and the multi-disciplinary team members

•    Experience - voluntary work experience includes working with adults with learning difficulties and clients living with Alzheimer’s disease

•    Skills - compassionate, sympathetic, patient, calm under pressure and a good listener

•    Goals & aspirations –

•    I think that without searching, life has given me an incredible goal by being part of our team.

•    I still have a lot to learn to meet my personal targets, becoming more knowledgeable about my work, being positive without making false promises.

•    Every day is a challenge and a good opportunity to learn from my peers.

•    In the future I would like to see our Cancer Care a name which will speak by itself, making it stronger, all of us working towards the same project

•    Nothing is impossible, where there is a will, there is a way. That has always been my motto.

•    Speaks Spanish & English


Ian Miller


Ian began his career in hairdressing in London, completing training at the renowned Vidal Sassoon Academy. He then moved to Holland and opened a number of hair salons.

After a long and successful career in hairdressing, Ian retired in 2013 and moved back to his birth country of Malta, however, his passion for hair did not end there. He completed a wig-making course in London and has since been coming up with innovative hair solutions to resolve all types of hair-related problems; be it thinning or fine hair, covering all forms of hair loss due to medical conditions or scar coverage. He also can advise on hair pieces for cosmetic use.

After the passing of his mother and twin sister from cancer, he became heavily involved as a Volunteer Coordinator for the Malta Community Chest Fund, producing wigs for women with lupus or alopecia or undergoing cancer treatment.

In 2019, Ian relocated to Xabia, Spain where he continues to advise women today.

Marie Cardozo

  Graduate in Social Work with a mention in intercultural cooperation and social exclusion from Valencia University
  • Current role/relevant achievements – Social Worker for Cancer Care. - Working alongside the team to support Social Work activities, developing relationships with the hospital Social workers and also the Social work Departments in each of the local Town Halls to maximize the quality of life for any of our clients.
  • Skills – Empathy, patience, teamwork, respect, Active listening, assertiveness, self-monitoring, conflict resolution.
  • Goals & aspirations – To help people who really need it or are in difficult situations. Make situations more comfortable and help people have company in their last moments. Help in filling out documents for institutions and translating documents.
  •  Speaks Spanish & a little English