The ECMOR project was created thanks to the close collaboration between Cancer Care association of Jávea, the Hospital Marina Salud of Denia and the University Cardenal Herrera CEU.

All monies for the project were generated from Cancer Care Javea and we will be eternally grateful that the generosity of all our volunteers, members and supporters helped to make this happen. We need your continued support to maintain its future and increase the funds available to increase the capabilities of the laboratory. Without your support it would not be possible to undertake the exciting path ahead.

Many years of efforts and collaboration between all three parties were necessary to open the Laboratory of Molecular Oncology-ECMOR. Since its opening in November 2016, work has been done to fine-tune all the steps necessary to sequence tumors of patients of the Hospital of Denia in order to adapt the best oncological treatment to each patient.

The laboratory is equipped with a genetic sequencer of last generation that is responsible for analyzing the mutations and genetic changes that are in the tumors and therefore select the most appropriate treatment for the benefit of patients, thus reaching a precision medicine.

The basis of functioning is to analyze the genes that have a relationship with the development and evolution of cancer for the choice of one treatment or another, adjusted according to the genetic profile presented by each patient.

Currently in the Laboratory of Molecular Oncology ECMOR are carrying out several projects of genetic sequencing in different types of tumors. The results are allowing to select the treatment based on the genetic results of the patients and also, these studies of genetic sequencing are serving to know and investigate the cancer disease.