Availability to keep both shops running Monday to Saturday is quite a commitment so we are always looking to recruit more help.

Apart from assisting in the shops, there’s always lots of other ways to help too, whether you can give minutes or hours of your time.

The Committee do their best to fulfil all the roles required to manage the charity, but they are always looking for any individuals who have specific skills and can volunteer to assist them in different aspects and projects throughout the year, for example: –

  • P.R., Campaigning, Fundraising and events
  • Accounts and Administrators
  • Marketing and Communications
  • Research and Development

So, help to keep our charity strong and effective. Whether you have previous volunteering experience, or you simply feel that you have skills that you can bring to us that will help us make our charity more successful and profitable, we want to hear from you.


Please call into one of our shops

Alternatively call us and ask to speak to one of the Managers or Members of the Committee and we will make sure we get someone to talk to you.