Testimonial – This makes it all worth while

Recently the committee received an email from Debbie, whose

husband has been helped by our Lynwen nursing team. She sent an email
which makes all the work we do worth while when you know it is helping
in such an amazing way. See below copy of her email. Debbie also won a
prize in our raffle on the Moonlight Walk.
“I haven’t won anything for years and years, so how amazing is that!!  I’ll pop in this week to see you 😀

Stu’s doing ok, it’s a slow process and we are just taking each day at a time.  Because of his surgeries and the radiotherapy, eating is a huge struggle for him, so it’s putting my culinary skills to the test!  But we’ll get there slowly but surely.

We can’t thank you all, the entire team, ‘behind the scenes’ along with Jayne who is ‘up front’ for all your wonderful help and support.  I truly feel that we wouldn’t be where we are today without you all, so a HUGE thank you ❤️”

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