It is with great regret that I inform you that both shops will be fully closed as from tomorrowTuesday the 26 Januaryuntil the 15th February when the situation will be revised.  

The committee has given this a great deal of thought and decided that it is the correct thing to do.  Very few of us don’t feel vulnerable when we are out and about, so working in the shops is an added pressure in these very difficult times.  I have to admit to having felt reluctant to close due to  fears of intolerable adverse effects on the charity as a whole, but the current statistics on COVID and the new rulings that only came out yesterday to restrict social meetings to 2, have made us review our options with urgency.

Whilst we realise the new rulings do not affect workplaces such as our shops, and we could legally continue, we feel a moral accountability to try to do the right thing by everyone.  In that respect, we have decided there will be no half measures, where we try to continue with limited staff, or limit days open.  We believe this will cause too much difficulty in managing client expectations and in facilitating accounting, record keeping for sales inputs, cash handling, payouts and other procedures. 

We take this opportunity to say a very big thank you to all of you who have supported us over the last few months and to our volunteers who have kept the shops open. 

Notices will be put on the doors and windows of both shops to confirm our intended length of closure and we will supply our email address for anyone to contact if they urgently wish to collect any of their belongings that are out of date.  It will also advise that there will be NO culling of items during closure and on reopening, all clients will be given a period of extension for their goods to remain in the shop if they so wish.  Unfortunately, any payouts, however, will not be facilitated in these next 3 weeks.  

Most of you will also be aware that our AGM is imminent in February.  The committee is resolved to holding an AGM, hopefully no later than the beginning of March.  We are trying to formulate a procedure that will work; possibly on line and through written communication.  

We will keep you informed of every aspect as things transpire.

Our thanks and best wishes to you all. Stay well, stay safe and stay smiling.

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