I started off several years ago by working in the shops, after having been introduced by a friend. I loved my days in the shop and in time became more involved and interested in the many aspects of charity work and volunteered my services to a assist the committee in 2017.

Although I still work in one of the shops and enjoy the regular contact with friends, colleagues and customers, my passion is on the care and nursing side. I have had the great privilege of developing and managing our nursing team to provide the care and support so needed to cancer patients and their love ones.

We hold regular meetings and discuss how we can build and improve our services, measuring the needs of patients and the impact of whatever we do. In us visiting Denia hospital regularly, we also meet with the Management and Oncologists and visit our laboratory, keeping on track with our ECMOR project and its development and success.

It has now become a great part of my life and I can only hope that whatever I do will raise awareness and make a difference to the success of our charity.