Since leaving school I have always been involved in nursing but not always as a hands on nurse.

I worked for the pharmaceutical company Astra Zeneca and whilst I was with them for around 15 years I worked my way up from a nurse advisor doing respiratory clinics to help general practice, to the position of National Nurse Development Manager. I was liaising with the Department of Health and health ministers along with the nursing and midwifery council looking at ways that pharma could work and help with the NHS.

During my time at AZ, I picked up lots of new non nursing skills and attended lots of leadership, management and team building courses and workshops and I am hoping that I can use some of these skills, the passion that I have and my obvious practical nursing skills to help to shape a new era for cancer care.

We see ourselves as the charity of choice for the residents of Javea, Moraira and Denia because of our commitment to providing hands on Cancer Care to those who need it.

I am supported by my wonderful caring husband who will never be in the limelight but I can assure you is working and supporting me behind the scenes and my wonderful family not only our 3 kids but I am still lucky enough to have both my parents who tell me how incredibly proud they are of everything we do.