Speaking to a close friend who was on the Committee of the charity, it became apparent that she was snowed under with work. I offered to help, initially with updating the website, followed by liaising with newspapers and radio stations to publisize a couple of forthcoming fund raising events.

I’ve worked on the fringes of the newspaper and magazine industry for some 25 years, designing and typesetting adverts for various London clients, so helping out the charity in this capacity was home from home.

Both my husband and I have also worked as volunteers for a charity in our local town, raising funds for Kent Air Ambulance for over 10 years, so charity work was always something we loved to do.

I’ve become more involved over the last 7-8 months and subsequently joined the Committee. Recently I was approached by the last Secretary to take over her role. This was something I had previously done for the Kent charity so I was more than willing to help.

Working for Cancer Care is a very worthwhile experience and it’s good to work with like minded people as a team – all using our skills and previous experience in many different ways to help patients and their familites who are going through the trauma of cancer.