I was honoured to make this cake to say thank you to the Lynwen nurses

I was approached by Loraine Gostling to make a special thank you cake for the wonderful team of ‘Lynwen Nurses’ at Cancer Care Javea – lovely Lynwen ladies.

Sadly, Loraine lost her father to cancer, and, this was to be a thank you to all the selfless, dedicated individuals who make up this Group, not only for their wonderful nursing capabilities, but also their compassionate, emotional and practical support.

Having worked with Cancer Care and knowing the lovely Lynwen, I immediately agreed, said I would be delighted to make and donate this.

The majority of us will have been touched by Cancer during our lives and who would ‘t want to support this amazing local charity providing such specialist care.

Please continue to support / donate however you can. I had this ‘creative’ idea swirling around in my head for some time and was just waiting for the perfect opportunity – now it had presented itself! My vision of a special thank you to the wonderful ‘Angels’. Loraine herself, also makes an appearance on the ‘Role of Honour’ for her own tireless work within the Community. The sugar paste base construction took longer to make than the actual cake itself but I’m thrilled at how it looks. Thank you for asking me Loraine and, I hope they all enjoy it with a glass of bubbles or maybe a cup of tea.

The event at the Black Flame, Pedregar raised over 2,500 euros for Lynwen nurses so thank you to all those who attended and Lorraine for organising the event.



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