Feeling proud

More great news for us here at Cancer Care – you may remember our presentation of a microscope to the Hospital Denia Marina Salud just before COVID and our visit to the labs . This is the doctor who received the microscope and this is where it has got him – Well done Juan Larorga what an amazing achievment. — feeling proud.

The anatomopathologist of the Hospital of Dénia, Ribera Grupo Sanitario , Dr. Juan Laforga, has been among the top three finalists in the world in the resolution of 81 complex cases of neoplasias presented in the “XI Arkadi M. Rywlin Slide Seminar Symposium”, recently held in Porto.

For Juan Laforga “it has been a huge satisfaction the evaluation received, as we have measured specialists from all over the world; among them colleagues whom I respect and admire. Undoubtedly, for the patients of the Dénia Health Department, it is an indisputable example of the quality of service we provide


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