Donation of special creams to Denia Hospital Oncology Unit

Donation of special creams to Denia Hospital Oncology Department

At the time the COVID 19 crisis hit us and affected our province, we contacted Denia Hospital Oncology unit and asked what they would most want from our charity. They didn’t hesitate to ask for another supply of the special creams we have donated before. They are much appreciated by the patients and are specifically recommended by their nursing team.

We finally managed to get delivery and dropped them off today. The pictures they have taken and sent to us show just how happy they are to receive them. We think it was indeed fortuitous that they received these on International Nurses Day. A good way to say thank you. They are a fantastic team of nurses who do an incredible job.

Very big thanks also to everyone who supports Cancer Care Javea and enables us to donate in this way. We couldn’t do it without you. 2000 euros very well spent!!

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