Donation of equipment to Denia Hospital Oncology Unit

Donation of equipment to Denia Hospital Oncology Department

A) More creams for cancer patients as those we had purchased last year were totally depleted and had been very well received by patients. This is special cream for patients undergoing chemo

Cost €3383.16 paid on 8th November 2019 and received by the Oncology Dept at the end of January.

B) A special Microscope – used specifically by the  pathology dept connected to Oncology for testing lymphocytes in cancer patients and enabling better targeted treatment.  This was requested by the Oncologists.

This arrived end of January and they expressed huge thanks for this at the meeting for 1st Oncology.

Cost €8998.16

C) An ultrasound machine – this was requested by the nurses in the Oncology day care room as this machine will eliminate the pain caused to patients when finding veins and taking bloods.  

Cost €10,500

The Oncology Department and administrators at the hospital are ‘over the moon’ with these purchases and express their deep gratitude to everyone in our charity. 

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