Collaboration of charities continues

Collaboration of charities continues

HELP contacted us and the Masonic Home of Valencia on hearing from Maria Teresa Lopez Arevelo that the Dialysis Department in Hospital Marina Salud needed a special floor scale mat. We agreed to share equally the cost of 3,000 euros to purchase it for the hospital´s nephrology department.

The scale enables the medical staff to weigh the patients in hospital beds without having to remove them from the bed to a hoist and then into a wheelchair for the sole purpose of being weighed before receiving dialysis.  The patients suffer terribly and it is an anxious time for the nurses and auxiliaries having to move them from bed into a hoist then into a wheelchair onto the scale and then back again into the bed.  This scale enables the bed to be rolled onto the large floor mat and weighed and then the patient can be hooked up straight away for their dialysis.

Alicia Rodriguez Molina, the staff nurse and nurse Gloria Salort Orpi explained that they have 20 beds and work with about 84 patients a day Monday to Saturday.

They thanked us all and expressed how much of a benefit this has been; not just for their ward, but for the whole hospital.

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