Cancer Care Walking for Health – cancelled until further notice due to the Corona Virus

Cancer Care Walking for Health – New Start time !!

Exercise has ENORMOUS benefits for people living with and beyond cancer.

•      Reduces cancer fatigue

•      Helps preserve cardiorespiratory & muscular fitness

•      May reduce chemotherapy side effects

•      Improves psychological well-being

•      May reduce risk of cancer recurrence & prolong survival

•      But, most importantly, it’s SOCIAL and it’s FUN!

Every Wednesday – next walk 11th March 2020 the Parador cafe 6.00 – please contact us at or  Janette will get back to you.

Cancer Care Javea – Walking for Health Benefits of walking support groups – living with and beyond cancer

Walking is one of the most popular forms of activity and a great way to keep active, it has a positive impact on your health and wellbeing and can help reduce the side affects of cancer treatment and also living with and beyond a cancer diagnosis. Cancer Care Javea have a weekly walking support group every Wednesday meeting at (see above for timings) from the Parador Hotel, Javea where you can meet other people who are going through a similar experience. Meeting people, getting fresh air, exercising and chatting along the way. Some people who attend are undergoing treatment and said that walking really helps them, although obviously, some weeks it is not always possible for everyone to come along. Walking really benefits patients, not just physically, but mentally too. It helps build confidence in getting back to some normality after lengthy hospital visits and treatments and walking in a group gives support with living with and beyond cancer. Following a cancer diagnosis, getting more active can make a positive change to your life. Walking is safe both during and after most types of cancer treatment. It has lots of benefits including strengthening your bones and heart, reducing body fat, improving mental health, and reducing lymphedema and fatigue. Reducing the amount of time spent resting or sitting can help prevent blood clots, reduce muscle wasting and improve your mood. So, you could start by taking short walks with regular breaks, always walking at your own pace and listening to your body. Then increase gradually over time, setting achievable goals to help you take back control. Any amount of movement can be beneficial, but if you have any concerns about Walking for Health being safe for you, you should consult your doctor or nurse before joining a walk. Some people felt apprehensive initially, but we always try to reassure them as best as we can and treat everything they tell us in the strictest confidence. The walking group is also for everyone affected by cancer, not just the patient, but for family and friends. People also bring their dogs along, it’s essential to include their pets as it’s part of their family. Following the walk we go for a drink and a chat have a good laugh and lots of fun. Holistically, it seems to help them on their cancer journeys. The walking group has become a support group for all those affected by cancer, where they can put ideas forward and it has enabled them to have input, however big or small within the group. This is proving to be a benefit, particularly if they have low self-esteem or mental health issues, such as anxiety and depression. We at Cancer Care Javea are very enthusiastic about what we do and feel inspired when people say to us, in their words, that “the walk has really helped our confidence health and wellbeing and is good fun”. Lots of people tell us getting active helps them feel like their old self and walking groups are a great way to meet others. Whether you’re being treated for cancer or you’re recovering, or a family member affected by cancer why don’t you come along to the the Cancer Care Javea weekly walking group.

Picture is of some of our walkers who met on the 5th February, 2020

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