Cancer Care AGM 2020

Cancer Care Javea 2020 AGM

The AGM for Cancer Care has now been set to take place in the Boutique at 2.30pm Thursday 20th February 2020
The Committee hopes that as many members as possible will attend and we look forward to seeing you.
Things you need to know:-
As we stated last year, we need to appoint three Directors for the charity, as a minimum, but we said we would like five. In the event, only three put themselves forward; Helen Cotterill-Clark, Joyce Glenn and Dawn Townsend.  Helen has been President/Retail Director, Joyce has been Vice President/Care Director, Dawn has been Secretary.
After recent discussion, we feel the charity needs at least four Directors, so the nomination sheets will cater for this.
The Director positions will be:-
Vice President
4 vocales (2 representing the general shop and 2 representing the boutique) also need to be appointed so they can be invited to attend Committee meetings.
As nobody put themselves forward for Treasurer last year, Helen and Joyce agreed to fulfill the work needed on accounts as best they could, with the assistance of the Accountants we appointed- Milenium Asesores. We have done so, but it is not an ideal situation.
To gain extra assistance to cover all the work needed during the year, we had Julie Clancy who joined the committee and has been fully committed to inputting notices and updates on our Facebook page and adding to other relevant Facebook groups.  She has offered to continue in this role.
We also took on a new volunteer, Jeannette Missons, who doesn’t work in either shop, but has been invaluable help in assisting on the finalization of our website and keeping it up to date. She has been given the title of Public Relations Manager as she has also been developing communication with the press and other individuals to gain publicity for our charity and events.  She has offered to continue in this role.
We also appointed Jayne Nuttall to the Committee, our Lead Nurse, to help us understand requirements and treatments which in turn, has given us an edge in succeeding on the care side of our services.  She has also agreed to continue in this role.
We feel a very crucial role would also be to appoint to the Committee a Fundraising Manager.  Although we have succeeded with some events in the year, it has been lacking in comparison to the time and effort Maggie was able to put into it during her years with us.  It is a big ask for someone to do this all the time, so we feel that if we had someone who could be Manager of this, they could manage and coordinate help with a team of people who may be prepared to assist, depending on the event and their availability.
We ask everyone to give the positions for the four Directors serious consideration, the four Vocales, and the Fundraising Manager (additional proposed position).
It will of course be the new Directors who are appointed who will determine how they manage the Committee and who else they appoint for help, but we feel sure the people that we have had the fortune to help us, as referred to above, will be of great assistance in the many important tasks required to keep the charity thriving.
The charity needs people who are willing and able to fulfil these roles; otherwise we would simply cease to continue. Please give them serious consideration and should you wish to find out more about the roles and what could be involved, please don’t hesitate to contact any of the members of the current committee.
Paid Membership of the Association remains a requirement.  A formal register was set up at the last AGM and it was decided that an annual subscription of 5 euros would be applicable.
We have decided that payment to renew membership annually will be reduced to 1 euro.  However, any new member must still pay an initial 5 euros.  With paid membership, we will remain compliant with our statutes, but the reduction in renewal cost will hopefully be appreciated.
As there was a delay in our AGM last year, most members will not need to renew their membership until April, but if you wish to become a member, or know if anyone who wishes to become a member, before the AGM, they will need to apply.
The personal information forms for volunteers will be still be used to register,  if you have not already completed one we have attached a copy for your use.
All committee members are required to be members, and for volunteers, membership will allow you to vote in elections and on decisions relating to the practices of the charity at general meetings.  Please note that to be a nominee, or a proposer, you must be a fully paid member of Cancer Care Javea.
If there is anybody who cannot attend the AGM, but wants to become a member, plus have the opportunity to vote in the event of a proxy being needed, please let us know. You will need to ensure that details are submitted and you make arrangements for your payment to be made, prior to voting.
For any who can only attend the AGM and want to be a new member, you will need to complete an application form and we will collect this and take your details and payment at the commencement of the AGM.
The Agenda for the AGM will follow as soon as possible.
Thanking everyone for their support and hoping we can continue to progress and enjoy the rewards of being a volunteer/member of Cancer Care.
Very best wishes
The Committee
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