A big thank you to the Marina Alta Classic Car Club, for their donation of 1500 euros

Marina Alta Classic Car Club met with Cancer Care Javea to pass over an incredible 1,500 euro donation. The car club members meet up regularly and despite less events over the past year due to Covid restrictions, they still managed to raise this money for charity. Cancer Care acknowledge it’s been an incredibly difficult year for most charities and so they feel very privileged and grateful for being chosen to receive this wonderful donation. Jayne, the Lead Nurse of ‘Lynwens’ Cancer Care Nursing & Advisory Services and Jeannette Missons, the Secretary for Cancer Care were there to say a massive thank you on behalf of their charity and all the cancer patients and families within our community who benefit from the services they provide. The monies will go to helpmaintain our Cancer Care Lynwyn’s nursing team who help both cancer patientsand their families through this dreadful disease.

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